Project Renewment, a new book by Bernice Bratter and Helen Dennis, offers a trailblazing retirement model for the generation of women just now leaving the workforce. These women were the pre-boomers and baby boomers who pioneered the new territory of women in the workplace and work-life balance.

Bernice Bratter and Helen Dennis are now calling upon these same women to shape a new kind of retirement, one that they call “renewment” to emphasize the possibility of positive change, enlightenment, and adventure.
Are you one of these women?

Would you like to form a Project Renewment group to discuss the issues?

If so, you are invited to use Project Renewment as a launching point to...

Lose your title and find your life.

Exchange busyness for challenge, growth and joy.

Create emotional health and physical well being.

Contemplate the sunset...or help change the world.

"We hope you are inspired, gain insight and make the best decisions to create an exceptional future. Know that other effective women share your concerns, uncertainties, vision and determination."


 For more information about Helen Dennis, please go to http://www.helenmdennis.com/ 


Recent booksigning and launching - Orlando, FL (2.14)