Hot Topics

In addition to the discussion topics and questions in the Project Renewment book, here are several more that have been used by many of the Project Renewment groups. 

Life Stage:
  1. Does our perspective of reality change with age?  In what ways?
  2. How do we deal with physical changes?
  3. What are the positives of our life stage?  What is most surprising?
  4. Are there concerns at this lifestage that are new?  What are they and how do we address them?


  1. How do we cope with a friend's illness?  What is our role?
  2. When faced with serious health problems, what is the role of faith and spirituality?
  3. Do faith and spirituality play a great role in our life stage?
  4. How do we put our life on hold should a mate, friend or family member become ill?  
  1. Can we imagine that at some time we may become dependent?  How will we react? 
  2. What should we do to prepare for that possibility?
  3. How can we remain as independent as possible?
  4. Who will be there for me if I am in need?
Living Arrangements:
  1. What kind of living arrangements do we envision as we grow older?
  2. What is the ideal environment?
  3. What steps can be taken now so we have options?
  4. What do we need to learn about the choices available to us?
  1. How much involvement from our children as we plan for our later years?
  2. Do we need a roadmap for the future?  What is the value of having one or not having one?
  3. What are the signposts or milestones important to us as we think about our future?
  4. What is the argument against planning?
  1. Do we want to leave money to our children in our lifetime? 
  2. How do we divide money and things?
  3. Do we only give to children in need?
  4. What kind of messages do we convey about our values wen leaving money and things?


  1. How do we differentiate between sex and lust?
  2. What is our interest in sex at this time in our lives?
  3. Do we have a partner or are we interested in finding one?
  4. Why is it difficult to discuss sex, sexuality and intimacy (for many)?
Meaning Of Life (Meg Newhouse & The Boston Group):
  1. Positive aging is taking hold, but it is focused on the 3rd age, not old age. Can our existing frameworks and models handle these later transitions? E.g., Assumptions that  transitions are a necessary vehicle for growth is built into our model. But the growth is likely more subtle, less active, and accompanied by ever more losses in the 4th age. And the greater awareness of mortality. Do we need to change the models? Or just the messages within them?
  2. What are the transitions you expect to deal with into and within the 4th age?
  3. How do we help clients and ourselves find the resilience and serenity they need to cope with the old age transitions, including the big one -- Death?
  4. How do you view dying and death? What is your current understanding based on? How much do your think about it? Plan for it?
  5. What do you think of our cultural views on dying and death?

Death and Dying:
  1. What was my first encounter with death?  What impact does it have on me today?
  2. If I knew I had a life-threatening illness, would I tell my children?  What type of support (if any) would I want?
  3. Have I done my homework of preparing a will, trust, advanced directives, durable powers of attorney for health, burial instructions, etc?
  4. If I had a choice, how would I want to exit?