Tips for Groups

Groups work well for many reasons. Project Renewment groups members have identified the follow characteristics as key to a successful group.  

Authenticity: Being true to ourselves, saying what we think, beleive and feel about issues.

Commitment: Participants attend all meetings unless they have an unavoidable conflict.

Communication: Sppeaking, listening, understanding, processing and responding with clarity.

Confidentiality: Group meetings are a place where members can feel safe to be themselves and share information.

Consistency: Meetings are scheduled on a regular basis, preferably once a month on a designated day.

Growth: Groups focus on growth rather than psychotherapy.

Honesty: On an intellectual and feeling level, honesty makes the group more sensitive, aware, creative and provocative.

Ownership: Each members is the owner of the group and takes responsibility for making the group work.

Participation: All group members take part in the discussion and no one takes th role of an observer.

Personality: Each group looks to its own personality to estabalish a successful process.

Preparation: Members decide on topics prior to each meeting.

Relevancy: Topics focus on issues most important to participants at this time of their lives.

Respect A genuine respect for what others experience, think, believe and envision make group discussions even richer.

Responsibility: Each participant takes responsibility for the tasks, success and maintenance of the group.